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When are lessons and blueprints coming?

The first lessons and blueprints will be launched in February 2024. When that happens, we'll launch our Premium Membership option, saving members hundreds to thousands of dollars annually over buying training individually.

Can I switch from monthly to annual billing?

Of course. Click here to access your account and click "Change Plan."

How do I upgrade to the Premium Membership?

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime. Click here to access your account and click "Change Plan."

How often do you release lessons and blueprints?

I'll release a product approximately every quarter. In 2024 it will likely be more often than that. Some products I release may not fit into the "Lessons and Blueprints" category, which would be a separate one-time purchase.

I aim to have a single lesson or blueprint be worth more than the annual fee for the Premium Membership, so you're always getting far more value than you paid.

Instead of subscribing, can I pay you to contract for me?

Maybe. Please feel free to email me here, let me know what you need to accomplish, and I'll contact you.

However, getting access to the comments/Q&A on articles and all current and future lessons would be worth far more than the annual cost.

Why is your annual pricing so heavily discounted?

To fully utilize the learning and community I offer here, committing to at least a year makes much more sense (for most people). My pricing reflects that and hopefully makes you more likely to get the total value I can provide.

What is your refund policy?

I don't offer refunds on membership purchases as there is no way to return the product.

These FAQs will be updated as needed. Please review the full terms & conditions before subscribing.