About Elliott

photo of Elliott

After 20 years of serving over 9 million customers and helping build one of the largest music-related e-commerce companies as President and Chief Operating Officer, I left to use the talents God gifted me to help others build and grow their own solo and small businesses, churches, and projects.

I'm a digital operations and product strategy guy. I’m wired as an analytical synthesizer of information – continually processing disparate data points to uncover solutions. I can rapidly acquire information enough to learn and master new systems quickly. These skills helped me overcome having no college degree (and the ridicule that comes with it) to excel in user experience analysis and optimization, technology product leadership, operational strategy, and systems automation.

Though technical skills fueled my career, creativity from early musical pursuits also blessed me with marketing and storytelling skills - winning multiple awards for marketing and video campaigns.

My Call

In 2020, the Holy Spirit abruptly converted my intentionally distant heart into a devoted follower of Jesus. Instantly, parts of my soul, asleep for decades, began rapidly resurrecting.

Now, with an eternal perspective, I see the swelling pain, anxiety, and looming turmoil paralyzing society in fear. Through God, we possess the keys to unlocking freedom and our purpose.

The skills God gave me now fuel a mission to light the way for leaders to escape secular work by unlocking and utilizing their true God-breathed identity and calling and then helping them grow their business in congruence with their values.

I hope you'll walk with me.