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Discover Exactly How to Improve Your Website

Through my service at Conversion Base, you'll get an expert audit of your small business website on video. You'll have specific, actionable steps to gain more organic traffic, leads, and paying customers.

Fractional Executive Service

I'm offering a monthly service to small businesses and churches that need better results from their digital presence. I recommend starting with an audit from my Conversion Base service (described above), and then we can connect about ongoing support.

Fractional services start at $950/month. Contact me with details on your needs.

Other Services

If you need help with your online business, please contact me with details. I'll connect with you and we can decide if working together is a good fit.

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Every Friday, I send "The Exodus" newsletter including tips, resources, and strategies that help you optimize your website, traffic, lead conversion and business. All while staying aligned with your values.
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